Public Health Research and Validation


NSF’s research and development group, the NSF Applied Research Center, provides testing services, consultation and collaborative research to companies in the healthcare, hospitality/tourism, food safety, water safety and environmental safety sectors.

Our public health research and validation services provide the academic research community and start-up/small business sectors with innovative testing and consultative services. We can help researchers in the initial stages of product development to navigate the commercialization continuum. We also provide independent laboratory evaluation of analyte detection test kits. We also provide:

  • Public health research
  • Commercialization and tech transfer collaboration
  • Independent product validation
  • Test kit validation
Partnership on Grants

We work with institutions as subawardees on grants.  In this role, we provide data generation services to grant applicants and assist in grant drafting.

Data Generation for Grant Submission

Our data generation services save grant applicants capital and resource expenditure for outsourceable work. We regularly perform proof-of-concept work for grant submissions. Having this early-stage data generated by an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited third party strengthens the grant application as the data generated has been proven from a trusted source.

Grant Drafting

As a partner on grants, we actively assist in the drafting process and provide expertise in analytical methodology. We have been writing standards, procedures and grants for over 70 years, and are a known source for researchers in this space.

Our areas of expertise in grant drafting include:

  • Microbiology
  • Chemistry
  • Sustainability
  • Sensors
  • Allergens and GMOs
Commercialization and Tech Transfer

Product Innovation and Market Consultation

We assist companies with tech transfer through product innovation and market consultation.  We have been testing technologies for decades and have seen it all.  We provide third-party validation of technologies to prove the concept before you spend money on unproven science.  We can help you understand the lay of the land from a technology standpoint, and provide the pros and cons for nearly any product.

Benchmark Comparison Testing

We provide comparison testing as an independent third-party lab. We provide studies that are blinded and assay the candidate technology in a transparent fashion. We will not provide opinions, marketing or discussions with this type of project; we only provide the data so that you can see how you stack up against the competition.

Corporate Liaison

We are well connected in the industry and can often help make connections for those looking to place technology.  Companies often look to us to keep an eye out for new and interesting technologies that suit their business needs.

SBIR (Research, Subawardee Partnership)

We are as serious about science as you are. To that end we are always looking to partner on SBIR and STTR grants as well as other funding opportunities. We provide ISO accredited third-party data generation for grant submissions. These projects may be done at attractive rates in exchange for consideration as a subawardee on the grant. Contact us for more information and to scope out your project.

Independent Product Validation

The Applied Research Center provides services for companies looking to generate third-party data to validate their product claims. Our organization has been testing products for over 70 years, and we are a trusted name in product claim validation.

We provide the following independent product validations:

  • AOAC PTM - We are an AOAC recognized independent lab and can partner for PTM testing in the following areas: antimicrobial, biochemical/nutritional, natural toxins, allergens and microbiology.
  • AOAC OMA – We operate as an independent lab for AOAC OMA studies.  You can trust the data we generate as we are an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited organization.
  • EPA Alternative Test Procedures - We perform method testing to generate data for ATP method submittal.
  • Product Development and Feasibility - With decades of product development experience and over 300,000 sq. ft. of analytical lab space, we can help get your product concept to the next level.
  • Market Consultation - We work with and audit thousands of companies yearly.  We understand the markets you operate in and can help advise what is needed technically to succeed in the market.
  • Manuscripts and White Papers - Publication is important to the Applied Research Center. We strive for excellence in scientific experimentation and are eager to share that passion with others through publication of papers, white papers and posters.