Species Identification

  • Unlike alternative methods that only estimate identity, our DNA detection technique is the only method capable of truly identifying species.
  • We help retailers and brand owners validate the authenticity of ingredients and raw materials from suppliers around the world to help protect against safety, adulteration and regulatory risks. DNA-based species identification services improve the authenticity, safety, and quality of natural products, from living and dried raw materials to supplements, foods, and pharmaceuticals.
  • Unlike traditional DNA barcoding, which relies on longer segments of DNA, we employ a highly specific and sensitive method that can identify almost any species using shorter segments and validated reference materials. This includes detecting unexpected contaminants, even those that cannot be distinguished morphologically or chemically. We identify materials consisting of a single species or a mixture of hundreds of species, as well as screen for GMOs, allergens, fillers and filth for a range of leading natural and consumer product companies.
Benefits of Testing 

When product quality and consumer safety are on the line, close enough is not good enough. DNA testing is the only method to distinguish between closely related species, and those that are morphologically and/or chemically similar.

Why Work With NSF?

Our next-generation DNA sequencing technology is the most sensitive, specific and accurate method of species identification on the market, and our scientists are the world leaders in species identification using DNA.