Responsible Wool Standard Certification


Responsible Wool Standard Certification The Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) is a voluntary global standard that addresses the welfare of sheep and land management practices, providing brands with a key differentiation and complete traceability of the wool supply chain.


NSF International, as a certification body for the RWS, has global capabilities to help brands and all parts of the supply chain certify wool and provide chain-of-custody documentation.Building on its experience of helping facilitate the development and launch the standard with the Textile Exchange, NSF helps clients map out their supply chain and audits each stage to confirm that all requirements of the standard are met.


The RWS requires all sites that handle the wool, from farms through the final manufacturer, to be certified to the relevant modules. Retailers are not required to be certified. Products may contain 100 percent certified wool or blends ranging from 5 to 99 percent certified wool. Only products containing 100 percent certified wool can be labeled with the RWS logo. Get the benefits of certified wool to validate and highlight your commitment to best practices in animal welfare and land stewardship.


Protect your brand by certifying your supply chain to the most comprehensive standard in the industry. For more information call +86 21 52377700 or email .

Benefits of Certification

Benefits of Certification Responsible Wool Standard certified wool in your products satisfies customer expectations for animal welfare and can provide both brand differentiation and risk management. Through farm and chain of custody audits, RWS certified wool assures your customers that the products they buy are from animals that are ethically treated, with full traceability all the way through the supply chain. Farmers gain a market advantage by validating that their operations respect animal welfare and that they pursue best practices in animal and land management. The RWS mark on your product is a mark of distinction for responsibly sourced wool.

Why Work With NSF?

why work with nsf NSF International is dedicated to helping organizations and industries develop more sustainable products and operations.


NSF inspection teams have global capabilities and have extensive background and experience with different regions and the types of environments where sheep are ranched. NSF was involved in conducting Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) pilot audits in the U.S. As a part of the pilot process, audits were performed at two separate ranches during critical times of the sheep life cycle.


We have an animal welfare center of excellence, which conducts inspections for over 18 different animal production sectors in 22 different countries. This includes animal welfare inspections on lamb farms and slaughter sites in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, the U.S., Australia and Argentina. Our inspection teams are experienced, ISO Lead Assessor qualified (International Register of Certificated Auditors accredited course) and HACCP trained, with agriculture backgrounds or education. Come to NSF for the most comprehensive certification services for RWS.

Certification Process

Certification Process Your company completes the application process, which includes identifying the locations of all entities in the supply chain or the locations of the manufacturing facilities, and submits signed documents to NSF.


With our guidance, your company submits pre-audit documentation for review.


We conduct a review of the pre-audit documentation and schedule the on-site audits.


We conduct an on-site audit of the entities included in the supply chain from the farm to the finished good manufacturing facility or facilities(s).

Once all follow- up is complete, we grant certification and list your certified products on the NSF website.

We schedule annual surveillance audits and notify you of recertification.