Responsible Sourcing

Responsible sourcing is being recognized as a business necessity, with most retailers, brands and manufacturers adopting some level of responsible sourcing policy. This is often driven by their customers’ expectations, investor demand and market forces. By recognizing that this also represents a business opportunity, businesses can create a responsible sourcing strategy to deliver operational, financial and brand value benefits.

Sourcing responsibly can help manage supply chain risks, protect security of supply and enhance brand reputation. Water availability, land use changes, animal welfare, worker well-being, climate change and political instability represent risks that are dynamic, complex and interconnected and go to the foundation of all businesses – potentially threatening the security or supply of raw materials and the reputation of brands. How a business responds to these challenges and, importantly, how consumers and the media perceive its response, will determine whether it succeeds or fails.

NSF recognizes that sourcing responsibly can help manage supply chain risk and enhance brand reputation. Let our approach help you unlock value for your business.