Product Safety and Quality Testing

  • The only way to ensure safe products is to know what is in them. The most sensitive, specific and reliable method to identify organisms -- from microbes to plant allergens -- is DNA testing.  NSF has developed validated methods to detect and identify any bacterial, fungal, animal or botanical contaminant, substitute or adulterant that may be present in a product.
  • Our Confirm IDNA™ and Multiple IDNA™ tests can identify unknown and unexpected adulterants (from one to 100 or more species in a mixture with relative ratios).  Our Detect IDNA™ test is the first species-specific test designed to detect and identify trace levels of target and adulterant species using a combination of PCR and sequencing methods.
Benefits of Testing 

You cannot produce safe and high-quality products unless you know what is in them, and you cannot know what’s in them unless you use DNA.

Verifying the identity of ingredients is essential for any QA/QC program to ensure products are both high quality and compliant with federal regulations, such as FDA's dietary supplement cGMPs (21 CFR 111).

Our scientists understand the challenges associated with identification and have developed flexible, efficient and effective solutions to meet your specific needs. From supporting development of reference materials and validating in-house methods to developing complete outsource solutions for identity testing, our scientists work with you to develop the solution you need.

Why Work With NSF?

Our genetic testing methods are superior to alternative methods and provide you with the reliability you need to protect consumer safety. From detecting undeclared soy in finished products and identifying the source of toxic compounds in raw materials to identifying the bacterial contamination in a recalled sample, our flexible and powerful genetic methods can solve any product safety challenges.

We are dedicated to working with you, not just for you; through effective communication and education we strive to solve problems. Our “no fail” testing identifies species instead of providing pass/fail result. We provide answers, not more questions, allowing you to focus on product development instead of more testing, ultimately saving significant time and money.