Ingredient Authentication


DNA is the basis for species identity testing and the only method truly capable of authenticating ingredients of biological origin, including plants, animals, fungi and bacteria.

Benefits of Testing 

DNA testing is the most sensitive, specific and accurate method of ingredient identification, and our scientists are the world leaders in ingredient identification using DNA. In fact, over 25 percent of our routine ingredient samples are found to be adulterated, most by closely related species not detectable by any other method. Our scientists have developed cutting-edge genetic methods capable of identifying a single organism or a complex blend of 100 or more.

Because conclusive and reliable ingredient authentication is paramount for developing safe and high-quality natural products, our DNA ingredient authentication services can dramatically improve your products – and your business.

Why Work With NSF?

The only way to ensure safe and high-quality compliant products is to know what’s in them. The most sensitive, specific and reliable method to identify ingredients is DNA testing. NSF has developed a highly specific DNA methodology capable of identifying a single organism or a complex blend of unlimited ingredients.