Second-Party Audits and Assessments


Second-Party Audits and AssessmentsIn today’s global marketplace, it can be difficult to mitigate risk to your corporate brand throughout your suppliers, channel partners, authorized distributors, resellers, licensees and franchisees. NSF International can show your company how to improve your bottom line, increase customer satisfaction and mitigate risk to your corporate brand through an effective supplier, partner, distributor or franchisee assessment and management program.

NSF International can:

  • Help establish and develop efficiencies
  • Identify potential operating weaknesses
  • Identify profit margin erosion
  • Perform supplier and channel partner risk assessments

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Service Offerings

Second-Party Audits and AssessmentsOur second-party assurance services can help you reduce risk and are customizable and scalable to meet your requirements.

Service offerings include:

  • Connected Management System
    Utilize remote technology with a quality management standard
  • Services to audit against company standards
    Meet internal requirements and directives
  • Development of internal standards
    Develop a consistent approach and proven audit process
  • Channel partner and supplier assessments
    Focus on strategic quality initiatives
  • Specialized audits
    Maintain control of audit program
  • Cyber security assessments
    Ensure the safety and security of your data
  • Consulting audits
    Meet and exceed audit commitments
  • Gap assessments
    Benchmark among suppliers
  • Global auditing platform
    Generate consistent, meaningful data
  • Virtual outsourcing
    Use IT/telephony processes to perform a sector of client work
  • Pure outsourcing
    Perform work on behalf of clients at their site or ours

Second-Party Audits and AssessmentsOur second-party audit services can help you leverage best practices to reduce organizational risk, improve business performance, successfully address customer expectations and meet or exceed corporate and organizational objectives.

A second-party audit can help you focus attention on areas of potentially higher risk such as cyber security, critical supply chain partners or key internal processes causing bottlenecks in production or service delivery. Bottleneck areas can include purchasing, internal audits, follow-up of nonconformities, corrective actions or other operational and management system processes.

Our service begins with understanding your areas of concern. We collaborate with your organization to develop a program that meets your specific requirements and then conduct independent, objective, standards-based assessments to confirm adherence to these requirements. This approach can also help you identify potential process and system improvements. You and your management team can then direct attention and resources to the areas that will most benefit the organization.

Our independent and collaborative approach can help your organization monitor critical business processes and provide management with assurance of continuing conformity to your specified requirements. Our approach can also provide an early indication of potential risk factors. Early detection and elimination of risk factors in product or service quality or in environmental, information security, health and safety or social responsibility performance can prevent damage to an organization's reputation and avoid loss of market share.

Why Work With NSF?

Second-Party Audits and AssessmentsYou can be confident when working with an organization that has over 70 years of standards, quality, safety and environmental management experience. Our approach ensures that services focus on performance. Gain an advantage with the NSF team who are experts in your industry and can anticipate issues that may affect your experience.

Expertise in action:

  • NSF has implemented programs offering services in:
    • Cloud assurance services
    • Security assessments
    • Channel partner management: NSF can manage your channel partners, allowing full-scale outsourcing
    • Channel partner assessments: NSF can audit your partners to certain specs
  • We are currently developing cutting-edge hand-held remote auditing technology

We are experts in information security systems, providing the sense of protection you need to operate in a world of uncertainty. Whether you are protecting your own system or managing service for others, the professionals at NSF can help with services tailored to your needs.