Audits for the Food Processing Industry


Audits for the Food Processing IndustryAudits play a key role in verifying proper food safety practices at food and beverage processing facilities. Audit report data is used to help select suppliers, demonstrate due diligence for customers or validate internal policies and procedures.

NSF performs thousands of food safety audits every year, and has earned a reputation for thorough, non-biased and accurate auditing, and actionable audit reports. We offer several types of audits to industry-established criteria, retailer-specific requirements or fully customized criteria.

Our nearly 70 years of food safety experience, best-in-class auditor training and global auditor network make us the ideal choice for your processing industry audits.

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NSF offers various food safety audits, each with a slightly different focus. The common thread, however, is quality food safety practices and policies.

In addition to audits for GFSI certification, we perform these audits for food and beverage processors:

  • NSF Supplier Assurance Audit – Formerly known as the NSF Cook & Thurber audit, the NSF Supplier Assurance audit is an industry-leading food safety audit to NSF-established criteria based on best industry practices. Our team provides consistent and thorough audits to established NSF Expectation Guidelines, or can tailor audits to your specific needs.
    Download the NSF expectation guideline documents for:
  • Animal Welfare Audit - A growing number of food retailers and manufacturers have implemented requirements for their suppliers to abide by animal welfare standards throughout the supply chain. Our audits measure a producer’s or packer’s level of compliance with numerous animal welfare standards.
  • Food Defense Audit - Consumer confidence is of critical importance to the food supply chain. We perform food defense audits to ensure that processors are efficiently managing several critical areas including documentation, traceability, crisis management, staff training and building security.
Why Work with NSF?

If you’re looking for the most thorough and actionable food safety audits for your processing facilities, look to NSF International.

NSF Auditors: Best in Class

The breadth and depth of NSF’s audit team is unparalleled. We select auditors with legitimate food auditing experience and put them through a rigorous training regimen that includes extensive classroom training, shadow audits and close supervisory oversight until auditors are fully trained. To ensure reliable and consistent audit results, we developed a best-in-class auditor calibration program.

Global Reach

NSF has hundreds of auditors in its global network who can provide comprehensive food safety audits at food processing plants across the U.S., Europe and Asia.

With our technical expertise, operational excellence and worldwide auditor network, our auditing services are unmatched.