NSF Grade A Sea Cucumber Product Certification


NSF provides  grade A sea cucumber product certification that helps companies demonstrate compliance with China regulatory requirements and quality standards. This certification is China's first certification specifically for sea cucumber products.

Independent third-party certification can help the brand win the customer trust, it can transmit quality information through the certification system, restore and improve consumer confidence, it is convenient for consumers to identify and purchase high-quality products, so that the brand can stand out from the national brands and other competing products.

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Grade A Sea Cucumber Product Certification

Grade A sea cucumber certification- NSF P-SCP01-CN-2020 is a Chinese local standard developed by NSF, covering 16 modules of sea cucumber products including food safety, process and product evaluation, food protection, and blockchain traceability, this standard is specifically aimed at sea cucumber products meeting the processing requirements, inspection and testing indicators, etc.  Grade A sea cucumber certification is tailored for sea cucumber products and stipulates the basic requirements and management guidelines for the places, facilities, and personnel of the raw material procurement, acceptance, processing, final product, packaging, storage and transportation during the production of sea cucumber products.

NSF grade A sea cucumber certification is applicable to sea cucumber frozen products or dried sea cucumber products made from wild or farmed sea cucumbers as raw materials and other forms of sea cucumber derivative products, which can ensure that their production and quality are safe and meet hygienic requirements. Covers sea cucumber products include dried sea cucumbers, instant dried sea cucumbers, salted sea cucumbers, sea cucumbers without soaking (unseasoned sea cucumbers without soaking, seasoning sea cucumbers without soaking), etc.

Benefits of certification and working with NSF

Achieve self-regulation and brand protection

  • The expert NSF team helps assure that your production processes safe, high-quality products that meet with compliance requirements.
  • Your brand can gain support from a widely trusted certification organization in global food safety industry
  • This program helps protect your brand by reducing risk of product contamination and recall.

An important way to win regulators’ trust

  • When your product packaging carries an independently verified, third-party certification mark, consumers can trust your brand’s commitment to excellent food safety and quality.
  • Meet with retailer and regulator expectations of independent facility auditing records and evidence.

Empower product transparency with leading blockchain technology

  • With NSF Grade A Sea Cucumber certification, your organization will also apply the leading global blockchain technology, enabling traceability in the sea cucumber supply chain from source to the end user, food safety and quality and even consumer product ratings.
  • Publicly demonstrate your company’s investment in superior product quality management systems
  • Effectively prevent fake and inferior products with blockchain product traceability

Use widely recognized NSF certification mark

  • Once you have earned NSF certification, you’ll be authorized to use the NSF certification mark on your product packaging and advertisements.
  • As the well-known safety and quality mark worldwide, the NSF mark can help improve the credibility and recognition of your products.
  • Your certified products can be exposed in market through NSF online listing (a global, searchable online system used by retailers, regulators and consumers worldwide).

Accurate, professional and reliable services

  • NSF’s rigorous certification process will help you identify potential risks and problems and enable your company to provide more professional services and comprehensively improve the level of enterprise management.
  • Facilitate creative solutions, thanks to NSF’s more than 75 years of experience, unapparelled professional expertise and global regulatory support

Why Work With NSF?

Since our founding in 1944, NSF International has become the global leader in food safety certification. Our reputation has been built upon our principles of integrity, commitment to quality, professionalism and customer service.

NSF is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Certification and Accreditation of P.R.C(CNCA), we are recognized as a competent third party by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) , the U.S. Department of Commerce (USDC) and State Administration for Market Regulation.

Our experts are carefully selected for their technical knowledge and experience. They are rigorously trained in various methodologies and calibrated frequently to ensure consistency and accuracy. Our team receives ongoing annual training in sensory, auditing and FDA and CNCA requirements to ensure they have the latest information and most up-to-date skill sets.

Additionally, when you choose NSF, you’ll gain access to our proprietary NSF Online data management system which enables you to access audit reports and certifications whenever you want, wherever you are.