Gluten-Free Certification


The demand for gluten-free food continues to rise. Consumers concerned with ensuring they are purchasing gluten-free products are put at ease with a verification label from a trusted third-party source. NSF International’s Consumer Values Verified Program works with manufacturers and retailers to verify their ingredients and products are gluten-free through robust cross-contamination controls, auditing, testing and inspecting. Our certification is compliant to the U.S. FDA’s Gluten-Free Labeling Final Rule and provides you and your shoppers with the power of knowledge. Not only do you gain peace of mind, but you can combine gluten-free certification with your existing food quality and safety programs to save you time and money.

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Benefits of Certification

Our gluten-free program provides credible, verified and science-based gluten-free certification with a label consumers can trust. The program demonstrates compliance to FDA gluten-free labeling guidelines and provides additional assurance to consumers through facility inspection and testing.

Why Work With NSF?

When you choose NSF, you benefit from over 20 years of industry experience along with dedicated technical experts in their field. Our team of experienced and highly-trained staff and inspectors is customer-focused and driven, providing swift, efficient service and cost-effective, fixed fees. We can also bundle your food safety certification to maximize your cost efficiencies and minimize interference to your operation.

Certification Process

We can support you in your commitment to achieve gluten-free certification. Whether you produce items at the beginning, middle or the end of the supply chain, you can earn gluten-free certification in just five steps.

Step 1: Product Review — You provide details about your gluten-free operation or products to our technical review team to help us understand the scope of your operation, the procedures you follow and the products your company processes, labels, handles and/or trades. A dedicated certification project manager guides you through the process. Product review includes:

  • Full documentation review and desk audit
  • Gluten-Free compliance plan (GCP) review
  • Individual product profile (IPP) and labeling review

Step 2: Onsite Inspection — An experienced inspector conducts an on-site evaluation of your operation to verify the information on your application and assembled documentation to ensure consistent gluten-free production. Upon achieving certification, annual on-site inspections are required to maintain certification.

Step 3: Testing — During the onsite inspection, the inspector collects a random product sample that will be tested to ensure gluten-free integrity at 15 ppm or less. The inspector also verifies that raw ingredient testing has been performed, and confirms one or more of the following:

  • Allergen affidavits
  • Certificate of analysis
  • Raw ingredient sourcing from an NSF-certified gluten-free supplier

Step 4: Certification — Your operation is classified as compliant and deemed certified to the applicable standard upon successful completion of steps 1-3. You receive a numbered certificate and can use the NSF gluten-free mark on your certified gluten-free products and in your marketing materials.

Step 5: Ongoing Compliance — We ensure ongoing annual continuous compliance.