Food Equipment

NSF offers the most accepted and trusted certification and verification programs for commercial foodservice equipment, specified by health departments, restaurant buyers and specifiers worldwide. NSF means market access — products with the NSF mark receive guaranteed regulatory acceptance in North America and improved acceptance worldwide. Verification programs, such as HACCP Compliance Verification - EU, demonstrate hygienic quality, independently verified by a trusted source.

As your single source provider for food equipment services, we review, test, certify and verify food equipment products for acceptance across the U.S., Europe and other global markets. For convenience and cost savings, we bundle sanitation with electrical safety and energy efficiency testing. Our experienced technical experts help you work through product or design challenges to get your products to market.


VIDEO: NSF Commercial Food Equipment Certification for North America - Why Certify

In North America , restaurants owners have to be 100% sure their equipment meets hygienic food safety criteria.

WHY is this?

Because the FDA Food code, legal requirements adopted in all the US states, requires it,and because public health inspectors CHECK this, when they inspect a restaurant. They check if equipment is NSF certified - because they can then be sure it meets the Food code requirements which address 3 aspects:

1. Food Contact Materials

2. Cleanability of the design and the construction

3. And the performance

So if you are a food equipment manufacturer selling commercial food equipment on the US market. Make sure to get the NSF certification! It guarantees coast to coast acceptance in the United States by public health officials. and also meets public health requirements in Canada. Which is exactly what your North American customers expect!

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VIDEO: NSF Commercial Food Equipment Certification - How to promote your certification

Your product just got NSF Certified. That’s great news!

So what’s next? How do you promote your NSF certification?

First of all, make maximum use of the NSF mark! Put it on your products, your brochures, your boxes – everywhere. And tell your clients and business partners about the certification! Send out a press release and mention it in your newsletter and on your website. Let everyone know your product meets the hygienic design and food safety requirements of the NSF sanitation standards.

And how about social media?

Don’t forget to Include the mark in your quotes, product litterature and product presentations, ánd to show it off at trade shows! It will set your products apart and support the value of your brand. And if you need help promoting your NSF certification, we are happy to support your marketing department. Just get in touch with us to request materials and information!

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how to promote your certification