Animal Welfare


NSF International provides a full suite of animal welfare services for growers and transportation and animal processing companies to help ensure the health and wellness of farm animals at every stage of life as well as compliance to animal welfare guidelines and retailer requirements. The industries we service include beef, poultry, swine, dairy, sheep, layer (eggs) and bison.

As consumers become more educated on the products they buy and food they eat, they are demanding more transparency on how animals are treated and retailers in turn are requiring suppliers to comply with stricter animal welfare guidelines.

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Auditing and Certification

NSF International provides certification and second- and third-party auditing for many animal welfare standards in the beef, poultry, swine, dairy, sheep, layer (egg) and bison industries. Below are the standards we can certify or audit to:

Industry Standards

  • NCC: National Chicken Council
  • NTF: National Turkey Federation
  • AMI: American Meat Institute (beef, swine and sheep)
  • Egg Farmers of Canada
  • EU Layer Furnished Cage
  • Cattle BSE and SRM Addendum Audits
  • American Humane Association

NSF Standards

  • NSF Animal Welfare Readiness Audit
  • NSF Global Traceable Down Standard
Benefits of Certification

As consumers become more educated and socially exposed about the foods they eat, more companies are requiring that their suppliers follow specific animal welfare guidelines. Scientific measures used to identify an animal’s welfare include living conditions, behavior, longevity, disease, physiology, reproduction and immunosuppression. Humane handling guidelines are critical from birth through slaughter to ensure proper treatment of animals. It is becoming more critical that producers, food service companies and retailers are aware of these standards and ensure their suppliers are in compliance in order limit risk to their organizations.

Why Work with NSF?

Founded in 1944, NSF International supports thousands of companies in over 75 countries around the world in protecting their brand and ensuring integrity through consulting, training, certification and second- and third-party auditing.

Many of our animal welfare auditors are PAACO (Professional Animal Auditor Certification Organization) trained and certified, and our experts can bring consistency to your farm, transportation or slaughter facility by working with you to evaluate, develop and implement an animal welfare program that fits your company’s mission statement and policy goals.

NSF can combine your animal welfare needs with certification to GFSI benchmarked standards to save you time and money and minimize disruptions to your operations.