Supply Chain Qualification


Supply Chain Qualification Complying with GMP regulation involves more than keeping your facility in compliance. It’s also essential to verify your supply chain is compliant with the regulation. We can perform supply chain GMP audits as needed at your request or on an ongoing basis to maintain certification.


For more information about NSF’s dietary supplement supply chain quality services, email or call +86 21 52377700.

Benefits of Qualification

Benefits of Qualification Manufacturers and retailers rely on NSF to manage their risk and make sure their supply chain is compliant with regulations. We have a global network of experienced auditors in areas that are most important to dietary supplement manufacturing and ingredient suppliers. Our experienced auditors are calibrated to the national standard. This saves you time, travel and money, and ensures your supply chain has received a consistent evaluation of GMP compliance.

Why Work With NSF?

Why Work With NSF-supply chain We possess expertise in all aspects of the dietary supplements supply chain:

  • NSF wrote the national standard that established a minimum requirement for supplement safety and quality in the USA.
  • Our experienced and calibrated auditors focus exclusively on dietary supplements.
  • NSF auditors are based globally in markets key to the dietary supplement manufacturing and ingredient supply chain including China, North America, India and Europe.
  • Our GMP experts are recognized as industry leaders.

In addition, if you become a GMP-registered facility, you may use the NSF GMP mark on certain marketing collateral to support your efforts of differentiation.

Quality Compliance Process

Quality Compliance Process We offer a range of GMP audit services to satisfy quality compliance for ingredient suppliers, manufacturers, packagers and distributors of dietary supplements. Audits can be conducted on an ongoing basis to maintain certification, or on an as-needed contract basis. After any audit, we provide comprehensive audit and corrective actions reports.


The process of audits for a GAP assessment, vendor qualification, consultation or due diligence is as simple as submitting the appropriate paperwork and scheduling the audit.


The audit process for GMP registration involves a series of annual third-party, non-consultative audits to regularly measure a facility's GMP compliance. Your facility receives GMP registration once it passes the initial audit. You can then use the NSF GMP registration mark on certain marketing collateral and your facility is listed on the NSF website.