Opening Ceremony of NSF International’s Qingdao Office Hosted Successfully

NSF Shanghai Testing Co., Ltd., the global independent testing and certification organization NSF International’s one operation center in China, successfully hosted the opening ceremony of its Qingdao office on Sep. 5. Guests from industry enterprises including Chinese Academy of Comprehensive Test Center (CAIQTEST), China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Alliance (CAPPMA), BRCGS Great China, Ocean University of China, Bright Food group, Sodexo, Evergreen group, Blue Granary, Qingdao Unibond-Zhengjin premium Food Processing Ltd, Qingdao Unibond Premium Seafood Processing Co., Ltd., Homey Group, Bangchuidao, etc., media representatives and peer partners gathered in the ceremony to witness NSF’s another important development strategy that will start a new journey in China.


In the ceremony, Tom Chestnut, senior vice president of NSF International said that 2019 is NSF’s 75th anniversary, as the global leading public health organization, NSF has always committed to protect and improve human health. In future, NSF will continue our mission of assuring the safety and quality of the food we eat, the water we drink, the health care products we use and the environment we live in.


Ms. Li Shujuan, deputy general manager of CAIQTEST introduced center’s major functions in the event, and they’ve signed the cooperation agreement with NSF International, in which both sides will carry out comprehensive cooperation on standard development, testing and certification, etc. to provide companies fair, fast, reliable and consistent technical services and project development with mutual rich experience, strong technical capabilities and complete service network.


Cui He, president of CAPPMA introduced the status of seafood products total import & export volume in China, he also said that CAPPMA will strengthen the cooperation with NSF on product quality monitoring and supply chain as China’s increasing range of purchasing globally and consumers’ growing demand of product quality.

opening ceremony

Sol Yu, general manager in Greater China of NSF International delivered the welcome greetings to all participants. Thanks for all partners’ long-term support and trust to NSF, as NSF’s mission is to serve public health, so we hoped that the newly opened Qingdao office will bring us closer to our clients and partners.

opening ceremony

Tom Chestnut, senior vice president of NSF International, Sol Yu, general manager in Great China of NSF International, Vicki Zhao, Head of NSF Qingdao office and John Shan, Director of NSF Shanghai Laboratory cut the ribbon on stage, which symbolized starting a vigorous development journey of Qingdao office.

opening ceremony

The following celebration occasions of Lion eye paint, Percussion performances, lion dance also added joyful atmosphere. Tom and Sol were invited to the stage to paint the eyes to lions, unveil the plaque and open the new future together.

opening ceremony

Tom Chestnut, senior vice president of NSF International awarded the first NSF FSMA FSVP certification to Mr. Chen Yuchi, vice president of Evergreen group. This certificate demonstrates the efforts on quality assurance and regulatory compliance that Evergreen group has made, on the other hand, as a third certification body, this certificate issued by NSF also represents our strong technical capabilities and international recuperation. NSF offers FSMA services, in aim to standardize the establishment and implementation of FSMA compliance certification for Chinese food manufacturing enterprises, and work to promote food safety and overcome technique barriers.

Liang Lidong, chief representative of BRCGS Great China, Meng Xianghong, Mu Haijin, assistant dean of School of Food Science and Engineering, Zhang Wenbing assistant dean of Fisheries College from Ocean University of China presented the event to deliver their warm greetings to the opening of NSF Qingdao office. NSF will also strengthen the cooperation with partners and scientific research institutes to enhance the products and services’ safety and quality offered in abroad and domestic together.

opening ceremony

After the ceremony, the lion dance team led all guests to visit the office. Tom Chestnut, senior vice president, Sol Yu, general manager and Vicki Zhao, head of Qingdao office took a photo together.

opening ceremony

Offering new and expanded certification, testing and auditing services across China is one of the ways NSF International hopes to support China’s future efforts to protect and improve human health. Our global laboratory network is the bedrock of our scientific and technical excellence. To fulfill our mission of protecting and improving human health and environment, we will endeavor to build a professional auditing network across China. With all NSF employees’ hard work and dedication to our mission, we’ve earned the trust and respect of our customers and government partners in China, and we’ll keep making our contribution to the development of Chinese inspection, testing and certification.

For more services offered by NSF International’s Qingdao office, please contact us at +86 532-80998808,

About NSF International:

In 2019, NSF International is celebrating 75 years of protecting and improving human health. The global public health organization facilitates standards development, and tests and certifies products for the food, water, health sciences,cosmetics and consumer goods industries to minimize adverse health effects and protect the environment. Founded in 1944, NSF is committed to protecting human health and safety worldwide. With operations in more than 175 countries, NSF International is a Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Center on Food Safety, Water Quality and Indoor Environment.