WRAS Approval for the UK Market


NSF offers Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) approval which allows manufacturers to demonstrate their products’ compliance with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations or Scottish Byelaws for the UK market. Approval requires that a water fitting does not incur waste, misuse, undue consumption or contamination in the water supply and that it is of an appropriate quality and standard.

NSF International and WRAS have unique responsibilities in the WRAS approvals process.

WRAS represents more than 20 water companies and its responsibility is to:

  • Raise awareness and understanding of the Water Fittings Regulations
  • Provide approval schemes, processes and guidance
  • Offer advice to water companies
  • Represent the UK water supply industry as one voice on the Water Fittings Regulations
  • Update the approval requirements
  • Make approval decisions

NSF International is a testing and certification organization and its responsibility is to:

  • Facilitate testing
  • Ensure that the information provided to WRAS is sufficient for product approval

To make a formal application for testing, please complete an online application.