NSF International DWTU Expert Was Invited to Attend GWPS 2018 and Delivered a Speech

Global Water Purification Summit 2018(GPWS) was held in Beijing on April 23th -24th. The summit focused on the development of the global water purification industry, the leading-edge market information, topics and technologies in domestic and international water treatment market, and provided the insight of the future direction for the industry. As an instructive event for the water purification industry, the leaders of governments and associations, water purification companies and industry representatives, international certification organization - NSF International and industry media all attended the event to study and discuss the future development of the industry from a strategic perspective.

Conversations around related issues of 2018 water purification industry took place during this two-day conference,  for example, How will Chinese brands go to global market as the proportion of export  for purified water products has increased in 2017? How do companies exploit market consumption? etc.. Economic commentators, water treatment industry experts, and business representatives conducted in-depth analysis and shared the insights on the purified water environment, market development trends, and experience from foreign water treatment market.

NSF at GWPS2018

(Left:NSF International(China) Division Manager Julia Zhu; Right:NSF International Director, Global Business Development, Water Systems Rick Andrew)

As an authoritative third-party testing and certification organization,  NSF International’s water treatment expert Rick Andrew combined with our 70 years of professional experience in the global water product testing and certification industry to analyze the concerns and questions from consumers on the operation of a water purification product, how to ensure that products can effectively reduce contaminants,  how could them purchase a suitable product and more from a third-party certification perspective, and proposed that products get certification can  increase consumer’s confidence and  help manufactures improve their brand recognition and quality.

NSF International, the global public health organization that led the development of national drinking water standards in the United States, independently tests and certifies drinking water treatment units and filters so consumers can be sure the products meet the material safety and structural integrity requirements outlined in related NSF/ANSI drinking water treatment units standards, for example, materials don’t leach any harmful substances in consumer health into the drinking water, products can withstand certain pressure without leakage and other problems, as well as operating as what the manufacturers claim that they will reduce potentially harmful contaminants.