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                                     — Jan., 2018


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* NSF Webinar  - Microorganisims  in Drinking Water

* FSMA - PCQI Training Conference

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Food Equipment Program

Video | NSF Commercial Food Equipment  - Certification Process

                      FE Video

Contact us at nsfchina@nsf.org if you want to certify your food equipment! Or watch this video first: it explains the NSF certification process for commercial food equipment. This is of interest if your equipment is sold on the North American market and needs to meet the FDA Food Code and public health department's requirements.


If you are a manufacturer of commercial food equipment, components or food contact materials, get in touch to hear more.


Feel free to reach out to us, even during the early stages of the product development. As the market leader in sanitation certification, we look forward to sharing our unique knowledge and expertise and to guide you through the certification process. Send your inquiry to nsfchina@nsf.org. It will be forwarded to one of our worldwide offices Don't forget to also watch our other videos on commercial food equipment certification to the NSF sanitation standards!

Food Safety Program

Food Safety Modernization Act Training - “Preventive Controls Qualified Individual” Training

7-9 Jan., 2018 | Guangzhou, China

NSF International launches this training course aiming to help the Chinese enterprises exporting goods to U.S to better grasp the contents and requirements of the supporting regulations. This course developed by the FSPCA is the “standardized curriculum” recognized by FDA, and taught by Lead Instructors trained by the FSPCA, who have been instructed in how to teach the FDA-recognized standardized curriculum. >Read more


Health Sciences Program

NSF Webinar -Microorganisis in Drinking Water

19 Jan., 2018 |  14:00-16:00

NSF will provide a series of online courses about natural water, overviewing the laws and regulations on natural water in different regions worldwide, technology information, signaficant historical events and hot news reports. The course will focus on contamination sources, cources of illness and treatment and management measures to figure out the issues and solutions through sharing the current trends of natural water  of each country with the audiences, as well as exploring the  production management of natural water that is applicable to China.

 Banned and Potentially Harmful Stimulants Found in Six Weight-Loss and Pre-Workout Supplements

Researchers at global public health organization NSF International, Harvard Medical School, the United States Department of Defense and the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment in the Netherlands (RIVM) recently identified four unapproved, DMAA-like stimulants in six over-the-counter weight-loss and pre-workout products currently available in the United States. The research was published in the peer-reviewed journal Clinical Toxicology.

The potentially harmful compounds – including banned stimulants 1,3-DMAA and 1,3-DMBA as well as octodrine and a newly identified DMAA analog – were not listed as ingredients in the products and may have been disguised as “2-aminoisoheptane” or extract of Aconitum kusnezoffii. These stimulants may cause adverse cardiac events, hemorrhagic strokes or sudden death, especially if taken prior to strenuous exercise or combined with caffeine. Extreme heat and dehydration may also increase the health risks. >read more

Upcoming Events

You are welcomed to join in following trade shows and seminars/forums at which NSF will be presented in 2018: 

Trade shows


  • NSF Webinar - Microorganisms in Drinking Water, 19 Jan., 2018, 14:00-16:00
  • Food Safety Modernization Act Training - “Preventive Controls Qualified Individual” TrainingFSMA, 7-9 Jan., 2018, Guangzhou

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