NSF Helps Build the Dietary Supplements Quality Bridge Between China and the USA

The China health foods market is recognized to be the hottest natural health products market as consumers around the world become more health conscious. The U.S.-China Health Products Association invited leading industry organizations, including NSF International, CCCIEMHP, China Gate Consulting, Ali-Health and the International Probiotic Association, to present at China International Nutrition and Health Industry Summit 2017 on June 19 at the Shanghai Marriott Renaissance Yu Garden hotel. Overall, this summit helped health product enterprises in China and the U.S. understand the current regulations for health food and ingredients, characteristics and insights about China’s new consumers, import and export status and industry development trends.

NSF International offers public health and safety risk management solutions to companies, governments and consumers and is a founding member of the U.S.-China Health Products Association (HPA), which hosts the China International Nutrition and Health Industry Summit. Today, NSF offers a comprehensive range of services to meet the needs of the dietary supplements industry globally. Its role is to help ensure product and ingredient safety, giving both industry and consumers peace of mind through facility GMP compliance, accredited product certification programs and testing services.

At the summit, David Trosin, NSF International’s Global Business Development Director for Dietary Supplements, explained how we can use cGMP certification for dietary supplements to build a quality bridge for the nutrition and health industry between China and the U.S. David also discussed the impact of changes in U.S. regulations and European policies such as funding and enforcement, Brexit, U.S. NDI compliance and enforcement, U.S. State Attorney Generals’ activity and the impact of FSMA on the dietary supplement industry.

David Trosin presenting on quality assurance in China

David summarized the top 10 GMP non-conformances in China based on NSF’s certification, auditing and testing data in 2016, as well as the top common NSF and U.S. FDA findings that require companies’ attention. Today, NSF can help companies find the right solutions and comply with various regulatory requirements in different markets through its comprehensive global dietary supplements GMP facility audit and registration program and, separately, product certification training and consulting, as well as global testing services to regulations required in China, the U.S. and Europe.

For more information about NSF’s dietary supplement GMP registration and auditing, ingredient testing and DNA testing services, please contact the dedicated team at +86 400.821.0702 or nsfchina@nsf.org.

Use of NSF consulting services or attending NSF training sessions does not provide an advantage, nor is it linked in any way to the granting of certification.