HACCP Internal Auditor Training Course

Training course: Quality Management System Training (PRPs and HACCP system establishment)

Date: August 23-24, 2017

Location: Haikou/Zhanjiang City, China

Lecturer: Mr. Qihui Ding

Course structure: Multimedia lectures, case study and assessment

Organizer: NSF Shanghai Testing Co., Ltd.

Cost: RMB2,500/person (Including course book,certificate,lunch,tea break,others like accommodation & transportation at your own expense).

HACCP originated in the United States as early as 1958 - NASA / NASA using HACCP principles in the study of space food. Thereafter, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Marine products / FDA aquatic products began to apply this principles in 1997. The original curriculum is from the United States and it is the first public lectures in China.

HACCP system is internationally recognized and accepted food safety preventative assurance system. It is the system to reduce the risk of food safety hazards to a minimum or acceptable level, by analyze and control biological, chemical and physical hazards during food manufacturing.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) began to recommend this food safety management system in the late 1980s. The areas of implementation of HACCP system include (suitable for a variety of food processing plants): drinking milk, cream, fermented milk, lactic beverages, cheese, raw noodles, tofu, fish ham, egg products, salad, dehydrated dishes, condiments, Mayonnaise, box lunches, frozen shrimp, canned food, pastry class, refreshing drink, mechanical divided meat, salt dried meat, frozen vegetables, honey, fruit juice, vegetable juice and animal feeds. The HACCP system in China was introduced to food and aquaculture industry (aquatic products, dairy products, canned food) earlier, and the pilot accreditation of HACCP system certification bodies was formally launched in 2002.

What you will learn:

Throughout the courses the trainee will develop an understanding of the following points:
1. Establishment of HACCP system;
2. Application of HACCP system in actual production;
3. Maintenance and update of HACCP system;
4. Focus of HACCP system in third-party audit like BAP and BRC audit;
5. Approaches of becoming a qualified internal auditor of the HACCP system.

Course assessment methods: classroom practice and examination

NSF HACCP system internal auditor training certificate will be awarded after the end of the training courses.

Who should attend:
  • Quality manager in food industry, QA Supervisor, Product manager, Marketting Executive
  • Enterprise HACCP team members, Internal auditors, Health and hygiene managers
  • Own brand manager, Marketing manager, Senior management staff

Training Timetable




Day 1

“Global Food Safety Standards Introduction”

Documentation of food safety programs.
Prerequisites Program: Human Resources Planning, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), (SSOPs), Safety and Health Protection of Raw Materials and Packaging Materials, Recall and Traceability Systems.
Maintenance of equipment and facilities, contingency plans, product storage and transportation, pest control, personal hygiene.
(Group discussion and practice)

“Hazard Control in Food Production”
Sanitation Standard Operation Procedure (SSOP)
Label and markings
Food protection and emergency management
(Group discussion and practice)

Day 2

Five preparatory steps for HACCP plan:
1. Set up the HACCP team
2. Product description
3. Description of intended use
4. Process Flow chart creation
5. Process flow chart verification
(Group discussion and practice)

Seven main principles of the HACCP program
6. Hazard analysis and control measures
7. Use the judgment tree to determine the CCP
(Case analysis)8. Establish critical limits
9. Establish monitoring procedures

Day 3 

10. Deviation processing procedures
11. Establish a verification process
12. Record keeping and archiving
(Group discussion and practice)

Questions & Answers 

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